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Degree students

About Asia University Health Examination
  • Why: Health Management
  • When: March 3rd,2017(Friday)
  • Time: 7:40am at school gate(for Degree students)
  • Who: All New Students
  • Where: Asia University Hospital
  • Fee: NTD$600 per person(for Degree students)
  • Note:
  1. Please show up at school gate at 7:40am(Degree students), and we will go to Asia University Hospital together. If you do not show up that morning for physical check-up, you will have to do it on your own before March 10th. 
  2. Please also bring your “Health Examination Form” which is in your information bag.


  • Advertence
  1. Please fill out the student health examination form with the details and photo. Have the form ready along with the examination fee (600) on the examination day.
  2. Fast for 12 hours at least (no teas, no soft drinks, no alcohol, no breakfast, but some water is O.K)
  3. X-ray photo: wear clothe with no buttons and no metal decorations. Female who is doubtful, not pretty sure or certainly sure to be pregnant please inform the staff  when check in, and shall not take the X-ray.
  4. Urine: Collect the middle portion of your urine. Female who is during the period please remember to inform the staff when check in. Dining including drinking does not affect the result of urine.
  5. Blood: do not stay up late, do not drink alcohol and avoid fried food 2 days before the examination.
  6. Clue in the staff when measuring vision if you wear contact lens.
  7. Stay calm when measuring blood pressure. Take a 5 minutes break if you got hypertension before re-measuring.
  8. Medicine for chronic disease could be taken as usual. Medicine for diabetes could be taken ONLY after eaten.
  9. Whenever you feel uncomfortable, contact the staff for proper treatment.
  10. Press the cotton ball for 5 minutes after phlebotomizing till no more bleeding. If it comes to black-and-blue and pain, please go to the health care center at ground floor of the administration department building for an ice bag.